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  • behaviors — be·hav·ior || bɪ heɪvjÉ™ n. conduct, manner of acting …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Psychology of Addictive Behaviors — Journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors publishes peer reviewed original articles related to the psychological aspects of addictive behaviors. The journal includes articles on the following topics:*alcohol and alcoholism *drug use and abuse… …   Wikipedia

  • Fuel economy-maximizing behaviors — (also known as green driving) describe techniques that drivers can use to optimize their automobile fuel economy. The energy in fuel consumed in driving is lost in many ways, including engine inefficiency, aerodynamic drag, rolling friction, and… …   Wikipedia

  • Addictive Behaviors — Журнал Аддиктивное поведение . Научно практический журнал, издаваемый английским книгоиздательством Пагамон Пресс (Pergamon Press) в Оксфорде, Нью Йорке, Торонто, Сиднее, Париже, Франкфурте и Токио. Периодичность: 4 номера в год. Редактор: П.М.… …   Психологический словарь

  • Shark senses and behaviors — “He perceives the slightest pressure wave from my smallest movement, analyzes every change in acidity or in the vaguest of odors, and he will never allow himself to be surprised by abrupt movement.” (Cousteau.)hark SensesSharks’ senses allow them …   Wikipedia

  • Behavior of DEVS — Behaviors of a given DEVS model is a set of sequences of timed events including null events, called event segments which make the model move one state to another within a set of legal states. To define this way, the concept of a set of illegal… …   Wikipedia

  • BDL — behaviors of daily living; below detectable limits; bile duct ligation …   Medical dictionary

  • Поведение — (behaviors) реакция организма на окружающую среду …   Общая психология: глоссарий

  • BDL — • behaviors of daily living; • below detectable limits; • bile duct ligation …   Dictionary of medical acronyms & abbreviations

  • Counterproductive work behavior — (CWB) is employee behavior that goes against the goals of an organization.[1] These behaviors can be intentional or unintentional and result from a wide range of underlying causes and motivations. It has been proposed that a person by environment …   Wikipedia

  • Organizational citizenship behavior — (hereafter, OCB) has been studied since the late 1970s. Over the past three decades, interest in these behaviors has increased substantially. Organizational behavior has been linked to overall organizational effectiveness, thus these types of… …   Wikipedia

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